" Traveler, photographer, life lover "

Traveler, Photographer, Life Lover ...

Gregory Kauffmann is a photographer and traveler who organize travel photography workshop all over the world.

Hello, I’m Gregory Kauffmann.


I’m a crazy traveler and I’m really in love with the “nomadic” life style. Amazed by our planet and its inhabitants I’m constantly leaving my comfortable life in search of something I haven’t try before.
Eternally in search of new backdrops to the human experience, I have been traveling the world since 1998 as an international photojournalist and travel photographer.

My work as a photo reporter has brought me to over sixty countries spanning several continents, including Asia, the Middle East, the Americas, and Europe. I’ve covered human interest stories in some of the most remote areas of the world as well as post-conflict zones. Examples include Iranian Kurdistan, Baloutchistan, Nagorno Karabagh (between Armenia and Azerbaijan), the Pankisi Gorge in Georgian Caucasia, the tribals in Pakistan, Andaman-Nicobar Islands, Bosnia, Israel, Kashmir, Lebanon… to name a few. The culturally diverse nature of Gregory’s photojournalism work has enabled him to develop a unique approach to photographic narrative, producing images that are as beautiful and creative as they are poignant.

I’m also working as an international wedding and portrait photographer traveling in beautiful places like France, Greece, Thailand, Brazil or India to catch instants of love. You can check out my wedding photography website

I am in love with life and I want you to feel blessed as well by the magic of being a human in this wonderful world.

Come and follow me, we will share the good energy !