" Discover incredible India and experience the amazing culture of Rajasthan "

Rajasthan Tour, Pushkar Festival, India (oct/nov 2017)

Learn travel photography at the Pushkar camel festival in Rajasthan, India
From 24th October to 07th November 2017 !


  • Experience the incredible Pushkar camel faire, the biggest in Asia !
  • Meet local people and learn to take great portraits of them.
  • Witness the beautiful Hindu festival Kartik Purnima !
  •  Immerse yourself in the heart of the Rajasthani culture at the Chandrabhaga festival !
  • Visite the Taj Mahal and the Amer Fort.
  • Live magical encounters in off beaten road villages.

A fabulous adventure, rich in emotions and photographic discoveries. For the neophites or the enthusiasts photographers, it is the perfect trip … Go ahead and live an unforgettable journey out of the usual routine ……
Elodie Boyer, France


It’s a great opportunity to live one of the most amazing experience of your life.  It’s an adventure for enthusiast photographers who wish to perfect their skills in travel and street photography or photographers beginners who want to learn how to use their cameras. It’s the perfect workshop for photography lovers and travel passionates !


The whole trip is focused on street photography. The goal is to teach you how to take nice and beautiful pictures of the people you meet. I’ll share with you all my secrets. You will learn the basics of photography but more  specially how to approach the person you want to photograph. After 15 days of intense photography you’ll have all the keys to go on your own and clic amazing pictures.


Follow me in this 15 days adventure in India.
Rajasthan is so colorful and just perfect at this time of the year.
You’ll be amazed by the craziness of Rajasthani streets, and lost in the middle of the chaos. Your photographer eyes will catch incredible instants of life every single minutes.
I’ll happily guide you thru this beautiful region full of life. The trip will be focused on meeting local people and experienced the authentic life of Rajasthan !
The unique Pushkar festival, the biggest camel fair in Asia, will be really exciting to see. Under the full moon we’ll witness the hindu festival Kartik Purnima, and we’ll be able to photograph the religious rituals in the temples, on holly lakes and rivers.
Of the beaten road, the Chandrabhaga festival is surely the best option for an immersion in the traditions and customs of Rajasthan !
And to finish the trip with a stunning memory you’ll have the chance to visit the Taj Mahal


The joy of the trip will last for 15 days !

  • From 24th october to 07 november 2017

Here is the general itinerary of this 15 days travel photography workshop in Rajasthan :

  • New Delhi
  • Jaipur, Amer Fort, Hawa Mahal
  • Roopangarh, Sambhar Lake
  • Pushkar, Camel festival
  • Bundi
  • Kota, Kartik Purnima Hindu celebration
  • Jhalawar, Chandrabhaga cattle fair
  • Agra, Taj Mahal

The Rajasthan travel photography workshop is focused on three main events :

  • the incredible Pushkar camel festival
  • the Kartik Purnima hindu celebration
  • the very authentic Chandrabhaga cattle fair

1680 €* is the investment to discover and experience one of the most vibrant place on earth. 


  • all the photographic teachings and advices.
  • the presence of Gregory Kauffmann during the 15 days of the workshop.
  • the transportation
  • the presence and services of an indian driver during the whole trip.
  • the presence and services of an indian translator and assistant
  • the accommodation in hotels for 15 nights



  • air plane tickets
  • food and drinks


*the price is based on double occupancy rooms. Extra 250 €  to be added if you wish to stay alone in the room

  • “Comment parler de Gregory et de ses workshops ?Déjà pour les dames, avec sa casquette et ses lunettes de soleil il ressemble à Bradley Cooper dans American Sniper. Bon, ça s’est fait, mais comme elles vont en parler tout le voyage, messieurs, faut être prévenus…
    En plus d’être un très bon photographe, c’est un vrai baroudeur humaniste qui connait par cœur les endroits où il va vous amener et ça se ressent d’un bout à l’autre du séjour.
    Sinon pour ce qui est du workshop lui-même, comment dire…Je rêvais d’aller en Inde, ça faisait longtemps, mais après avoir vécu plusieurs galères à l’étranger, je ne voulais plus voyager seul. En fait sans Grégory, je n’y serais vraisemblablement jamais allé, or ce workshop organisé exclusivement par un photographe, pour des photographes, en ce sens a été quasiment parfait. Mini van privatisé, interprète accompagnateur dévoué, lieux magiques, accueil privilégié au contact de la vraie vie de la population, voir sur leur lieu de travail, dans des endroits où vous ne verrez pas un touriste. Le tout extrêmement propice au but du voyage, à savoir : la photo de rue et de reportage axé ‘Humain’.
    C’est bien simple l’album du voyage je l’ai intitulé : India Ligth and Magic.
    Ce voyage je te le dois Greg. J’attends le prochain…
    Pierre Pouleau, France


  • “L’Inde a toujours été un rêve pour moi, baroudeuse du monde. Greg l’a réalisé. Un petit groupe de passionnés de la photo, un prof et guide à la hauteur. Greg connaît ce pays dans tous les détails et a su partager sa passion pour ce pays majestueux. Le choix des objets qui devaient défiler devant nos objectifs étaient autant de taille que d’une beauté exceptionnelle. Les conseils de Greg étaient des plus précieux pour nos passionnés de la photo. Il a su transmettre son savoir-faire avec le naturel et la bonne humeur qui lui appartiennent. Je garde un excellent souvenir de ce Workshop et mets en œuvre tous les conseils et astuces transmis durant ce séjour. Un grand merci à toi Greg de m’avoir permis de réaliser mon rêve, de participer à ce magnifique voyage.”
    Heike, France

Deposit :

You need to make a pre-payment of half the price in order to book and reserve your trip. As soon as you make the pre-payment we’ll book you on the tour. If you want to pay the total amount directly it is possible of course.

Balance :

The payment of the total amount is needed 90 days before the beginning of the tour.

Cancellation policy :

  • If you cancel your trip more than 180 days before the first day of the trip, the total price will be refund to you minus the paypal commissions and bank commissions charges.
  • If you cancel your trip between 180 days and 90 days before the start of the trip, you will get 50% of the total price back.
  • If you cancel your trip less than 90 days before the beginning of the trip, 100% of the total price will be charged.

Travel insurance :

I recommend you to always have a travel insurance. If you book your flight ticket with your credit card it should give you an insurance. But better you check before leaving.

Responsibilities :

Gregory Kauffmann is not the organizer of your travel and is not responsible in any cases. Every tours are organized with a third part travel agency that is taking care of the bookings, the transportation, accommodation, drivers etc…
The travel agencies are professional agencies approved by their governments. Gregory Kauffmann is working with them to build up the best tours for you. Your payment will be done to the travel agency and not to Gregory Kauffmann Photography.

How many persons will participate ?

We will go with a minimum of 5 participants and a maximum of 8 participants.

How to book my trip ? Do I need to make a deposit ?

In order to book your trip you need to make a pre-payment of half the price of the trip. You can also pay the total amount directly.
If you make a pre-payment be aware that you will have to complete the total payment 90 days before the beginning of the trip.

What are the payment options ?

You can pay using Paypal or by bank transfer.

What is your cancellation and refund policy ?

  • If you cancel your trip more than 180 days before the first day of the trip, the total price will be refund to you minus the paypal commissions and bank commissions charges.
  • If you cancel your trip between 180 days and 90 days before the start of the trip, you will get 50% of the total price back.
  • If you cancel your trip less than 90 days before the beginning of the trip, 100% of the total price will be charged

Are we going to learn how to post-processed the pictures ?

Yes I will show you how I am developing my images with Adobe Lightroom.

What is the level of photography needed ?

No matter your skills and your photographic level, you will be able to learn from this workshop. it is open for beginners, amateurs and professional photographers.

Can I come with a non-shooting friend or partner ?

Yes a non-shooting person will be able to enjoy the trip as well. You can defiantly bring a non-shooting friend.

Do you have a strict schedule planned each day ?

No there is no strict schedule planned. The itinerary is fixed but I want to keep some freedom in the daily schedule. Like that we will always be able to rearrange our plans according to what happen during the day. We might be invited by some locals to some events and I think it is crucial we keep the opportunity to change the schedule accordingly.

What is the accommodation level ?

During the 15 days of the trip we will sleep in comfortable hôtels. We will never sleep in homestay or camp.
Private showers and toilets will always be in the room.

Should I travel with a backpack or with a suitcase ?

As you wish. You can travel with a backpack or a suitcase. We will never carry our baggages for long.

“More than the discovery of a beautiful and captivating country the best way possible, being in direct contact with its inhabitants, the workshop allowed me to make a real leap forward with my  photographic level.”
Anne Hudelot, France



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